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Welcome to our online store and thank you for visiting FunctionalFragrancesShop.com, home of our fine line of Lotion and Massage Oil Candles.  Here at Functional Fragrances, we started with an idea and made it better.  Lotion Candles are just that; it's a two in one product. You light the candle, unwind and relax.

Functional Fragrances is your source for the finest 100% all natural body Lotion Candles. 
All of our products are free of parabens, petroleum by-products and artificial additives. Give them a try, and smile.  You're on your way to the softest skin you will ever have!

Every one of our candles are handmade (in the USA from our own formulas) and hand poured one by one in small batches; that is why no two candles are exactly alike!  This process also results in the maximum quality and balance between the aromatherapy and skin healing properties. 

The wax will melt into a pool of warm oil.  After about 10 minutes, extinguish the flame and pour a small amount out or dip your finger directly into the wax.  It will never be too hot, just the perfect shade of warmth.

Rub it on your hands, your elbows, feet and anywhere else you have that dry skin feeling. It goes onto your skin a few degrees above body temperature, which expands your pores, allowing the lotion to absorb into your skin rather than leaving it on the top layer.  In this way, it does not wash off or hand sanitize away and does not leave you feeling greasy (like most lotions).  Can also be used for a relaxing massage oil.

We use only the highest quality ingredients.  Every part of our candle is all natural. You will see the difference in our lotion candles!  No dyes are ever used and that is why every candle you purchase is white.  Shea butter and soy-based, with no wax, no alcohol and no chemicals.

The scent is faint until you rub it on your skin and then the aroma comes alive.  It's a family owned and operated company. We guarantee every candle with 100% satisfaction. We also specialize in old school personalized customer service!

Here you will find our entire line of Products.  Now you can conveniently and securely shop all your favorite products in one place! 

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